Access Security Camera Installed in RV Remotely from iPhone App

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    Mike Haldas

    I would like to install a security camera in our RV so that I can remotely check on our dogs when I am away. I’m not very tech oriented and I am trying to find a way to look in on the dogs from via my iPhone when away. Currently there is no Internet connection in the RV. Is Internet access required to do this?

    This is the recommendation that I gave to this customer.

    Yes, but you absolutely need an Internet connection. You will be able to set-up remote access with any type of constant Internet connection in the RV (satellite, cellular, etc.) as long as the Internet provider allows you to setup port forwarding or the modem they provide can be bridged to allow direct access to a surveillance DVR or IP camera. If you only need one camera, I recommend going with an IP camera.

    You should tell the Internet providers that you are considering that your goal is to remotely view your security camera over the Internet connection. Ask them if they support port forwarding or if their modem can be bridged so that you can connect directly to a security camera DVR or IP camera.

    If you find an ISP that will provide this, you can use an indoor IP camera like this one.

    Then, you can access the live video of your camera from the iPhone app that is included.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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