AHD Compatible LPR Camera

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    Mike Haldas

    I am looking for an AHD compatible license plate recognition camera that costs less than $500. I have an existing surveillance DVR that works with analog CCTV and AHD security cameras. I have been able to find plenty of LPR cameras on the market that will work with analog resolution, but I would prefer to get one that supports 1080p HD video. Do you sell an AHD license plate cameras?

    This is CCTV Camera Pros recommendation.

    Yes, we recently launched a high definition LPR camera that supports AHD CCTV video format. Please take a look at the LPR-AHD5.

    AHD LPR Camera

    Here are a few images that show the license plate capture capability of this camera.

    License Plate Capture Camera

    License Plate Recognition Camera

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