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    Mike Haldas

    An Android mobile phone user recently contacted CCTV Camera Pros looking for an Android CCTV app to view the cameras connected to his surveillance DVR. CCTV Camera Pros gets many inquiries like this from people looking for the best app to view cameras from Android devices. Here is a copy of the email response that I supplied.

    In order to view security cameras connected to a CCTV DVR from an Android mobile phone or pad device, the DVR that you are using must either have an Android mobile app available to download or support remote access from the web browser built into the Android operating system. Android apps for DVR viewing are created by DVR manufacturers for the specific DVR models that they manufacture. Unfortunately, there are not any generic Android apps that work with all surveillance DVRs that are on the market.

    Another way that some DVRs support remote viewing from Android is by accessing the DVR using the web browser that is built into the device's operating system. Again though, it is up to the manufacturer of the DVR to enable support for web browser remote access from mobile devices.

    Have you checked the support website for your particular DVR model to see if an Android app is available or if the DVR supports remote web browser view from Android? If there is no website, have you checked with the supplier that you purchased your DVR from to ask them if Android is supported?

    If you find that your DVR does not support Android access, below are several DVR models that CCTV Camera Pros supplies which do support Android remote viewing via free Android apps that are available to download from the Google Play store. Both of these systems are highly recommended by CCTV Camera Pros, and we provide direct setup support for them (as with all equipment purchased from us). Our technical support engineers can actually login remotely to your network and configure everything for you.

    The iDVR video surveillance recorder is an excellent choice for Android users,


    The free Android app for iDVR is available in the Google Play store here:


    On this page, you can view videos and screenshots of the mobile apps in action on this page.

    Geovision PC based DVRs are also a great choice for Android users.


    The free GV-aView Android app can be downloaded here:


    On this page, you can view additional screenshots of the GV-aView Android app viewing cameras.

    Last, NUUO surveillance systems, including PC based DVRs, DVR cards, as and NUUO stand alone NVRs, have one of the best Android apps for video surveillance.


    The NUUO iViewer Android app can be downloaded from Google Play here:


    On this page, you can view additional screenshots of the NUUO Android app being used.

    If you have additional questions related to accessing security cameras from Android mobile phones and tables, please feel free to post your question as a reply to this forum topic or contact CCTV Camera Pros via email at or via phone at 1-561-433-8488.

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