Can I display security cameras on my TV using Apple TV or Chomecast?

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    Mike Haldas

    I received the following question this morning related to an article that I wrote on how to display security cameras on a TV using Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

    Here is a link to the original article.

    How to use Apple TV or Chromecast to View Surveillance Cameras

    Here is the email question.
    Hi Mike, Alberto from Brazil here!

    I just saw your article about using Chromecast or Apple TV for CCTV. Thanks for that.

    I would like to ask you the following question. My TVs have built-in WIFI and can mirror android even without the Chromecast. However, I would like to find a way display my security cameras on the TV without the cellphone dependency. In other words, without need to mirror the mobile phone or tablet on TV.

    Do you believe there is any way to do it using Apple TV or Google Chromecast?

    Thanks and kudos from Brazil

    This is my reply to the customer.

    So glad that you found my article and reached out with your question. It is a good one.

    The only way to display security cameras on your smart TV using Apple TV or Google Chromecast without using an iOS or Android device to mirror would be if the manufacturer of the IP camera or surveillance DVR that you are using would make a native app for those platforms.

    I hope to see this happen now that Apple has opened up Apple TV to developers to build 3rd party apps. It would be great to see a Chromecast based app to display CCTV cameras as well.

    I do not know of any manufacturers that have done this so far. What an amazing opportunity for one to be the leader.

    If you let me know more details about the equipment you are currently using (camera and DVR types), I will try to come up with an alternative solution for you.

    -Mike Haldas

    view security cameras on Apple TV

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