Can I use a 4 Channel BNC to RJ45 Balun with single camera CCTV balun?

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted me today with the following questions related to using multi-port video baluns with single camera CCTV baluns.

    I have 3 questions about installing the 4 Channel BNC to RJ45 / Cat-5 Video Transceiver, Transmitter, Receiver, product code BALUN-4PHUB.


    1. Instead of buying two BALUN-4PHUB products(one for DVR end of the Cat5 cable and one for camera end), can I use this only at the DVR end and use a PV5FM CAT-5 Balun at each camera? I don't know if these two balun products are compatible.

    2. If I can use the two different balun products together as described above, is it correct that only the 4 Channel BNC to RJ45 / Cat-5 Video Transceiver, Transmitter, Receiver would have to be powered? I would think so, but I want to verify.

    3. If I can install as described above, what power supply do I need to order with the 4 Channel BNC to RJ45 / Cat-5 Video Transceiver, Transmitter, Receiver? Perhaps it comes with a power supply, but that is not clear on your website.

    This was my recommendation to this customer.

    Yes, the 4 channel 4PHUB video balun can be used with individual video baluns such as the PV5FM instead of being paired with another 4PHUB. Please understand though that when using the PV5FM with a 4PHUB, you will not be able to run the power to the camera over the CAT-5 cable because the 4PHUB does not transmit power (only video). Being that you can not use the power port on the PV5FM, you should consider using either a VB-2V or VB-2VS which only supports video over CAT5 and not power.



    The 4PHUB is a passive balun so power is not required for it. No power is required for the VB-2V and VB-2VS balun products either.

    Please let us know if we can help further.

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