CCTV Surveillance DVR with Video Export and Playback on Mac

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted us today with the following questions related to exporting surveillance video from our iDVR and playing back the video on Mac computers.

    We are a paranormal investigation team. We just switched from a windows based computer system to iMacs. The only problem is that all of our DVRs do not support iMacs.

    We are looking for a system that we can down load the video off the DVR on a flash drive, plug it into our iMacs and start editing and editing it for our web show.

    Our current DVRs can not do this. So to recap this is what we need:

    1. A DVR that we can take to investigations and save video to the hard drive.
    2. Go back to the office and pull the video off the hard drive via usb key or dvd.
    3. Take the usb key and/or dvd put it in our iMacs and start viewing it and editing it.

    Is this possible with the iDVR? All other companies say "no, they can not do it its a pc based system". But with the name of iDVR, I am assuming that this stand alone DVR might be the answer to our problems.

    CCTV Camera Pros response:

    Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. Yes, the following iDVR models support exporting surveillance video to a USB drive and playing back the video on Mac computers: iDVR-E4, iDVR-E8, iDVR-E16, and iDVR-RT16. All of these DVR models can be found on this page:


    On this page, you will find the remote video surveillance playback instructions for Mac which guides you through the process of accessing recorded video on the iDVR and playing it back using the Mac DVR viewer software (included with the iDVR) over a network or Internet connection.

    The process almost exactly the same for playing back exported video on a USB thumb drive and this is described in the second half of the support article on that page.

    Please note that after I just read that support article, I realized that the USB export and playback process for Mac is not as clear as the remote Internet playback instructions, so I am going to have a support engineer write a separate article specifically to cover how to play back exported video on Mac. So, in case this information is moved before you click on the above link and you do not see what I am talking about, just email me back and I will point you to the link of the new support article.

    One last thing: you mentioned editing the video. I assume that you did not mean that this functionality was built into the DVR and that you would be able to use the video on the Mac.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions,


    -Mike Haldas

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