How to change ID and Baudrate on the PTZ-HD-10/20

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    James Haldas

    We recently had a customer email in and ask us how to change the ID on the PTZ-HD-10, this also applies to the PTZ-HD-20 camera and other cameras on the market that do not have dip switches.

    Question: We have purchased the PTZ-HD-10 IR PTZ Camera (

    we are having trouble finding where the DIP switches are located on the device or any documentation that shows where the DIP switches are. We are trying to avoid taking the cameras apart too much so we don’t damage them. Any documentation or explanation of where we can find the DIP Switches would be a big help.


    With the PTZ-HD-10 and PTZ-HD-20 cameras there are no dip switches. By default the RS-485 camera is set to PECLO D , 2400 , ID 1. The camera also uses UTC (up the coax) for control if your DVR / device support this feature.

    To change the Baudrate and ID you will need to go into the PTZs OSD menu. To get into the OSD menu you have to SET preset 95 . An OSD menu will appear. Use the directional arrows on your DVRs PTZ controller to navigate the OSD menu.

    1. Go to DOME menu > COMM menu ( To select / proceed you will press the RIGHT directional arrow to Un-select / back out you will press the LEFT directional arrow ) .

    2. Once you are in the COMM menu you will see a DEVICE ID & CHECK ID. You will need to make the CHECK ID match the DEVICE ID. To match the CHECK ID you will need to click the RIGHT Arrow until the navigation cursor changes to an arrow. Once the cursor is showing as an arrow use the up and down keys on the controller to change the CHECK ID #. Once you have it matching click the left key on the controller and make sure the cursor is showing back as a line.

    Now that the CHECK ID and DEVICE ID are matching you can change the Cameras ID and Baudrate .



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    James Haldas

    *** UPDATE*** This method also works with our PTZ-AHD-5

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