Cloud Storage versus Local Storage for Video Surveillance Systems.

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    Mike Haldas

    Recently we received a question from a potential customer who was concerned about their ongoing monthly fees they are having to pay for “Cloud Storage” with their current video surveillance system.

    As technology advances and Cloud Storage becomes a common use for both households and businesses, many are growing concerned with not only the fees they are having to pay monthly for the service, but also the ability to access the video at a later time. This article explains the downfall to “Cloud Storage” for video surveillance systems.

    When using a DVR or NVR to record your video surveillance, the most critical part of the recording process is the speed at which the live video is captured and recorded to the hard drive located in the DVR or NVR. In order to achieve these high speeds of recording most systems use a SATA cable that is then connected to the Surveillance Grade Hard Drive. SATA cables provide data transfer speeds of 300-500MB/s. This is an essential part of capturing the video in a timely manner and have the ability to use the Pentaplex Function – Simultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Archive / Network. It is important to note this can all be achieved without any ongoing monthly fees.

    Cloud storage relies heavily on your internet service providers upload speeds. The average upload speeds in the USA is 15 mbps. This raises a number of issues.
    The first issue is when watching a live stream of the cameras there can be a timely delay in what you are actually watching and what is happening in real-time. In testing of some well known branded “Cloud Cameras” we also noticed a delay in the actual time it takes to be able to access the stored video. The final issue is the length of time your video is actually stored on the remote server or “cloud”. Based on the research we have done, the average cost for 1 month of storage for a single cloud camera is $24.99 that means;
    If you a running a 8 camera system it will cost you on average $199.00 per month for storage alone.
    If you are running a 16 camera system it will cost you on average $399.00 per month for video storage. These fees are not included in the cost of the equipment – these are ongoing.

    The solution offered with using CCTV Camera Pros local storage DVR system gives you the ability to not only cut down on your personal or business related expenses, but it also gives you the piece of mind that your video is being stored at a high rate of speed on a hard drive that can only be accessed by the administrator of the device. Our iDVR-PRO DVRs have the ability to house up to 24 Terabytes worth of Storage. That is equivalent to 40 days of storage for 16 cameras recording in the highest quality 1080P HD Video with NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEES.

    Below is a video demonstration of the easy to use graphical interface on all our iDVR-PRO model DVRs.

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