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    Hey, I have a very simple scurity camera system installed at my home (in hinesight I should have researched further for remote viewing, but its here now) Its an SVAT CVQ1000, in my babies room, and on the corners of my home. The only video output it has is a yellow composite video plug that I have running into our TV in the bedroom, its good for seeing whats going on there, but I would like to see if its posible to split that signal, run in into a PC and then broadcast that over the internet. I just bought and tried the new iCam for iphone, it works great on my laptops webcam, im hoping I can get the CVQ1000 video signal inputed to my computer and use that on the iCam server.

    Is there a composite video to USB converter (or something that I can use to send that signal to my PC) and then have a software program that can correctly view that signal and hopefully send it to iCam? I was kinda hoping there might even be a stand alone DVR that would just record and have a running re-record (overwrite) ability that would except composite video, but with this iCam ability, I could view the cameras in real time all over the world (I work internationally quite often)

    Any ideas or tips?

    Mike Haldas

    salinity now,

    Do you want to broadcast so that anyone can see the video from your camera?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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