Connect Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor to IP Camera Alarm Input

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted CCTV Camera Pros today to learn more about connecting an outdoor PIR motion sensor to a Zavio IP camera. Below are the questions and answers.

    I have a Zavio B8520 installed to monitor my driveway entrance. I use a 64G sd-card and have the camera configured for recording on motion detection. What I am finding is that bad weather will cause the camera to record continuously, especially at night, because of the video motion detection. This would be rain/snow, etc. Mild nights the motion detection works fine.

    To reduce the amount of false motion triggers, I was researching using the TAKEX MS-100E outdoor PIR detector to trigger the recording instead of using the IP camera’s built in video motion detection. In doing so, I had a few questions.

    1. Can I power the Takex from the Camera? The camera is powered via POE.
      With PoE, unfortunately no. If you were powering the camera via the 12V non-PoE power supply, you could split the power and share it between the PIR sensor and camera. If you are using PoE for the camera, you must run a separate power cable for the motion detector.
    2. Can I connect the Takex directly to the Alarm inputs on the Camera? Or do I need a relay & diode as the manual shows.
      You can directly connect it. I have a few here at the office directly connected.
    3. Lastly, do you have an app note available for this installation explaining the connections and configuration settings of the camera?
      This article explains the camera setup fairly well. Please have a look and send me any questions.
    4. Will this indeed reduce my false triggers?
      Yes, that is the exact reason that CCTV Camera Pros started carrying the MS-100E. Because PIR motion detection works off heat and not video motion, they are more reliable.
      • Last, can you please provide a wiring diagram that shows how to connect the PIR sensor to the digital inputs of the IP camera.

        IP camera PIR Motion detector alarm input

        PIR Motion Detector Integration with IP Camera

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