construction of a surveillance wireless camera

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    Hi there, I have a very peculiar challenge for you guru guys:

    I want to build a surveillance wireless camera inside a table clock and let it permanently in my bedroom to have an online access to monitor whats going on there at real time.

    My work place is 2 miles from my home, and my idea is to install inside this table clock a 900Mhz or a 2,4Ghz wireless camera kit.

    This wireless kit will be connected permanently to this table clock, so I have to reduce 110 volts to a 12 volts (input voltage for the wireless kit)

    Do you think is any small kit may work to fulfill my idea? if so, Could you recomment me one? Where can I get it?

    Thanks in advance

    Carlos Cazenave

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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