Controlling Geovision PTZ Cameras from Multiple Computers

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    Mike Haldas

    CCTV Camera Pros helped a Geovision customer setup PTZ camera controls from multiple computer locations recently. Below is an account of the support case.

    The customer is using 5 Geovision GV-BX120D box IP cameras as well as 2 Geovision GV-PTZ010D PTZ IP cameras. The customer wants to use four separate client workstations to access and view all cameras, as well as control the pan tilt zoom cameras.

    When the customer contacted us for support, he was able to manipulate the cameras from one workstation, but could not control the cameras from the other three. After some troubleshooting by our technical support team, it was determined that the customer enabled the ability for the PTZ controls on the first workstation but not the other three.

    In order for all four workstations to have the ability to control the PTZ cameras, the Virtual PTZ controls have to be enabled on all workstations, giving the operators on those workstations the ability to control the PTZ cameras.

    To enable the PTZ controls on a workstation, please follow the steps below;

    1. Select the Configure button from the Main Screen.
    2. Click the Configure button, select Accessories, then the PTZ device, and select Add/Remove PTZ.
    3. Select the Brand of your camera, then click the >> button.
    4. Click OK< then restart the GV system.
    5. Click the configure button, select Accessories, select PTZ device and select PTZ device setup.
    6. Select the Brand of your camera and click the button. A dialog box wwill appear.
    7. Select Active. This is important! Without this step the PTZ camera will not be added to the system. Click OK.
    8. After the PTZ cameras have been added to the system, you should see the PTZ Control Button will appear on the screen.

    About CCTV Camera Pros

    CCTV Camera Pros is a Geovision master distributor located in the USA. We can provide both retail and reseller pricing to customers. Please visit our Geovision surveillance page for more information.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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