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    Hi, i have got the GV-iView v2.0 perfectly working on my iphone, by wifi, or gprs connection (is slow by gprs), i have also set the settings for my 4 PTZ cams correctly configured.

    When i open te PTZ menu on the Iphone, i get 4 extra tabs to use, one off them is for the PTZ PRESETS, works perfectly, by each setting the cam moves to another sposition…. the tab with the 4 arrows is for AUTO FOCUS, works also correct, but the tab with the + and – do not work to zoom in and out, when i tab these i get FORUS NEAR and FOCUS FAR….

    If i tab the screen by two fingers at the same time its zooming in, and when i tab the screen with two fingers seperetly, it zooms out, is this normal???

    Then my last question, if i tab the screen with one finger, i get a new menu popping up, to set he SPEED 1 to 4, this is normaly the PTZ speed for moving the PTZ cams? I set these on SPEED 4, but i can not move them manualy, when i drag one finger over the screen, i get a popup "PTZ:RIGHT", but the PTZ cam moves only 1mm, almost nothing….

    can you lett me now what to do?





    Hi JC, do you now this problem? do you can help me whit this problem????




    Mike Haldas

    The zooming that you are experiencing is normal, and the speed issue is a bit frustrating as well but you might want to try using pelco P Protocol 9600 Baud rate That should help with the speed issue.



    Hi JC,

    Do you think this is the only problem that i almost can not move the cams in position manually??

    I have now the setting of the Pelco D, i think 2400 Baud Rate…..i must check it…

    Everything is working nice, fast and smooth, also with a connection with another pc over the internet, i can manually move the cam's.

    Only the manual control over WIFI connection with the Iphone, if i want to move the cam manually whit swiping the finger over the screen…it moves almost nothing….

    i will try to take the setting Pelco P, and try to set another baud rate…..

    Thanks for the replay…




    Can anyone tell me how to enable PTZ using the GV-iView on my iPhone 4S?


    Mike Haldas


    Which version of software are you using? Also are you using a GV-COM box or GV-NET card for the RS-485 communication?

    Please advise.

    Thanks James

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