Default Password for DVR Kamwatch H.264 16 Channel

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    I am having trouble with my cctv camera system. Being not a techie, I asked for help from the person who installed it but no show from him. I was trying to switch on camera on my cellphone by changing few port settings over the web. Unfortunately I clicked on default setting buttons for the port settings but apparently it changed my login password too. The question is what is the default password? I have tried empty, 0000, 0, 1234 and many more.

    Can some one please help? I cannot go to the place where my cameras are setup because its in the remote area and will take a 5 hour flight. There is no tech support there. If i can get the default password I can login and reset the password again.

    thank you for reading it and giving it time.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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