Defender 21150 DVR System 960H Compatible Cameras

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    Mike Haldas

    This post will be helpful for anyone with a Defender 21150 DVR System looking for 960H compatible CCTV cameras. I received the following email from a customer.

    I presently have the Defender 21150 system running 21146 and 21146 cameras.

    Some of the cameras have failed and I looking for compatible replacement cameras, most likely bullet cameras. Defender indicates they no longer offer these camera models but any 800 tvl with rca plugs will work.

    What might you have available to fit the present system? I have a total of 6 cameras running now but can add 2 more. Bulk purchase would most likely be the best option.

    This was my recommendation.

    Thank you for contacting me. Your Defender 21150 DVR is 960H analog CCTV format. This is an older format but still in use. What I always recommend to people still using analog CCTV DVRs is to get hybrid BNC cameras that work analog DVRs and also work in HD formats so that you can later upgrade to a 1080p or 4K DVR and they will still work.

    Please take a look at these hybrid 1080p / analog cameras.

    You may also want to consider these hybrid 4K / analog cameras.

    Here is a bullet-style 4K / CCTV security camera.

    4K Security Camera Bullet

    All of these hybrid cameras will work with your existing DVR in analog 960H mode. The video mode can easily be selected using a small joystick attached to the camera’s cable.

    Then, you can upgrade later to a 1080p or 4K DVR and switch the format of the camera to 1080p or 4K.

    If your existing DVR has RCA inputs, instead of BNC, you can use these BNC to RCA converters / connectors.

    BNC to RCA Connector

    We can give you a special discount coupon on orders of 4 or more cameras, please email me here for a quote and the coupon code.

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