Do Lorex Security Cameras Work With Swann 960H CCTV DVR

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    Mike Haldas

    Some Lorex security cameras will work with a Swann CCTV DVR, but it depends on the video format. A customer recently contacted me with the following question.

    I have a Swann DVR model 83425H and I bought some Lorex LAB243 security cameras. So far, I am unable to get them to work. Do you know if these cameras are compatible with my Swann DVR?

    This is the information that I provided to this customer.

    Your Swann 83425H DVR is a 960H analog CCTV DVR. Swann 960H DVRs will only work with analog CCTV cameras like these.

    Those Lorex LAB243 cameras are 4mp resolution HD-over-Coax type security cameras. Unfortunately, these they are not compatible with your Swann DVR.

    What I always recommend to customers that are looking for new cameras that are compatible with an existing Swann 960H DVR is to get hybrid BNC security cameras like our 4-in-1 hybrid cameras, so that they can upgrade later.

    Our hybrid cameras have an analog 960H video mode that will work with your existing Swann DVR. They also have 1080p high definition modes which is extremely useful when you later upgrade your DVR to high definition.

    Infrared Turret Dome Camera

    You can switch the cameras in one of the HD video modes. The video mode is very easy to switch using the small joystick that is attached to the camera’s video cable.

    I highly recommend our iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs when you are ready to upgrade. They work with 960H, 2 megapixel, 4 megapixel, and 5 megapixel cameras.

    Last, I want to mention that we offer a 15% discount and free shipping to Swann customers that are shopping for replacement equipment. The coupon code is 15swann

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