Does this work? Setup for connecting a camera wirelessly to DVR

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    Hi All,

    These forums have answered some of my questions already! Fantastic!

    A friend of mine has asked me to connect an outside camera to his Samsung SME-2220N DVR system, from about 300 meters away. They don't want to run a cable this distance.

    The Samsung DVR is inside their main building. What they want is a single camera watching a gate near the end of their property, which has several buildings by the gate. These buildings and gates are about 300m away from the main buildings.

    They've already got the camera (Samsung SDC-2080P) and I'm tasked to connect it somehow…

    So, here's my plan which needs some critiquing. (See the attached quick sketch attached to this posting for a visual of the plan) The camera gets locally powered and mounted outside the buildings, and connects to a coax (RG59) cable with a BNC connector attaching the camera. That coax cable runs for 50 meters through the buildings, where the other end has an RCA connector which plugs into a wireless transmitter (possibly this one? ) which only has RCA connectors. This wireless video transmitter sends the signal through the 300m of open space, with no trees in between to the top of the other (taller) building, where the receiver gets the signal. The receiver (also with RCA jacks) sends the signal through the connected coax cable (this end has an RCA plug attached) and send the video about 100m to the waiting Samsung DVR's BNC port.

    Is this do-able? (Right now, it's only theory, but I gotta make something for them that works the first time, 'cause we're in a really remote location in the Himalayas…)

    I think that the idea is possible, but (for example) I'm not sure if the receiver of the wireless video transmitting device will be able to send (through its RCA jacks connected to the coax cable) the video as far as 100 meters to the DVR…

    (I'm asking all this, since the seller of the wireless video transmitter, told me that I couldn't hook the transmitter up to a cable attached to a BNC jack on the DVR. He's convinced that the video won't go from the RCA jacks, through the coax cable, and into the BNC jack on the DVR… This I find odd, so I'm posting here, trying to find out what's true!)

    Other thought: Maybe I'll need a video amplifier between the wireless receiver and the Samsung DVR, in order to get the signal intact through the 100m of coax?

    Thanks for your thoughts and input!

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