dvr h.264 viewing over safari or iphone

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    Helo Mike,

    I've recently received my 4 channel H.264 DVR

    I can use my DYDNS address to 'see' the DVR via winxp and IE7

    (requires installing an activex plugin)

    however cannot access same site on either safari or thru iphone.

    Can you help?


    Mike Haldas


    Please follow these instructions to access the CCTV cameras connected to your DVR from your iphone:

    • Open the Safari web browser from your iPhone
    • Open the following web page:
    • Enter your DVRs hostname or IP address, the default port is 7000
    • Click the login button

    You must access your DVR through that website at this time. We are in the process of developing the iDVR iPhone application which will be an actual iPhone app that will save all of these setting for you. This is scheduled to be completed and available in the app store within this month.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: there are now native iPhone and Android mobile apps to view your security cameras connected to your iDVR. The apps are available to download for free. Click on the preceeding link for more information and to download.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank You.




    Hello mike,

    I can watch my dvr h.264 on my iphone via the web browser you suggested



    but I'd really love to use your dedicated iphone app – is this possible?




    Mike Haldas


    For now, the only way to view a CCTV camera using the iCamviewer iPhone app is to attach each CCTV camera that you want to view to a supported network video server. Both of these models are compatible with the iCamViewer:

    We make develop a native iPhone app for the iDVR later this year.

    Thank you.



    Mike Haldas

    App Update: there is now a native iPhone app for the our iDVR recorders and it is one of the best iPhone apps for CCTV cameras in our opinion (and we test a lot of apps).


    Click here to see additional screen shots of the iPhone app: iDVR Remote DVR Viewer Image Gallery. The remote viewing also works with iPad, Android, and Mac computers (screen shots of those devices can be seen in the image gallery as well).



    A little off topic but I have a H.264 and I cant see the mouse curser on the screen. If I right click the menu comes up but I cant navigate around with the curser.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Mike Haldas


    Do you have an iDVR or other recorder purchased from CCTV Camera Pros? If yes, please email us at using the email address that you use for your account with us and we will setup a support call.





    Hi Mike good day!

    i always get "ERROR IN CONNECTION" message every time i try to watch my 16 channel h.264 dvr thru using my iphone safari browser… Pls pls help. thanks


    Mike Haldas


    Thank You for posting. Please be advised that the tool will only work with iDVR-E4, iDVR-E8, iDVR-E16, iDVR-RT16 model CCTV DVRs that CCTV Camera Pros supplies.

    This is not a generic DVR viewer that works with all H.264 DVRs.

    Also, please note that this tool was developed before the Android, iPhone, and iPad apps were developed, so users should now use those apps if they use those mobile devices. The apps can be downloaded here:



    Hey Mike

    I've recently just installed the dvr-h264 in my dads garage and it all works fine. The problem is though that when I try to open the videocamera online using the IP-adress, I always end up with a blank site instead of a login-screen like the manual says. I've also tried it on the Iphone and nothing seems to work.

    Thanks 🙂

    PS: I have ActiveX installed if that should be a question.

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