DVR internet access via Linksys and Speedstream devices

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    I am trying to set up a H.264 DVR to be accessable from the internet by going through a Linksys Router, then the phone company's Speedstream modem.

    I have set up the DVR to use DYNDNS.ORG with a "DYNDNS static" setting. Gateway and DNS fields on the DVR are zeros.

    The remote's software uses the IP from the DVR, the gateway is the Speedstream's internal access IP, the DNS is probably from DYNDNS.ORG.

    On the Linksys:I have forwarded ports 80, 67, and 68. I did not set up ddns there.

    On the Speedstream: I setup DYNDNS.ORG and forwarded port 80, but cannot set up ports 67 and 68.

    Net problem: I can access the system from inhouse via the linksys, but cannot access from outside (the internet.) Can anyone offer help?

    Aslo, do I need to put the DYNDNS updater on a PC at the DVR site or does teh software from the DVR automatically update since it has teh userid, password and URL set up at DYNDNS.ORG?

    Mike Haldas


    You do not need to forward the ports on both the router and the modem. First, you should ask your ISP to help you bridge the model so it no longer acts as a router. Then all router settings will be done at the linksys router. You can not have two devices on your network that both act as routers. This will prohibit you from accessing anything from outside of your network.

    Also, I recommend that you get everything working with port forwarding first. Then after that is working, setup the DDNS. IF you try to do both at the same time, it is harder to troubleshoot.


    Sir i wnat to see my camera's through internet using DVR H.264 4 channel …plz tell me settings how to do ..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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