dvr viewer asks for a password when trying to play or convert the .dvr file

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    I am currently working on a case with a detective to regarding a store robbery. The owner was able to extract the video from the date and time of the incident for the detective's copy of the evidence onto the usb flash drive plugged into the DVR.

    The detective loaded the dvr viewing software on his laptop;however, when he tries to open the .dvr file that is the format from the DVR device, it asks for a password. We have tried all possible passwords given to us by the store owner;however, none of them work. When DVRs are first setup, I am sure it asks the user to set a password, I am thinking this is the password the program is looking for;however, the owner does not seem to be sure.

    Is there any tool out there that can possibly brute force the password? The password might be very simple,but the owner just cant remember it.


    Mike Haldas

    Hello Taurean25,

    Do you have a make or model of the DVR. Was the DVR purchased through us CCTV Camera Pros?

    Thanks James



    the make and model is unknown, we will see if we can find out where the dvr was purchased.



    Please check whether there is reset button or you can connect with the manufacturer to get the way to solve is.



    dear sir i have DVR H.264 i like to play in computer but the can't play in any formate computer tell me how to play in computer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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