FLIR D3000 Series DVR Camera Compatibility

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    Mike Haldas

    Which security cameras are compatible with a FLIR D3000 series DVR?

    A customer recently contacted me with these questions.

    I would like to upgrade our security camera system. We have a FLIR DVR Model # D3316 and 8 dome cameras. I am not sure of make and model. I would like to know which cameras we can use to get better quality, without changing out our existing wiring.

    This was my recommendation.

    FLIR surveillance DVR models that start with D3 are FLIR D3000 series DVRs. They are analog CCTV 960H resolution compatible.

    You can use any of our hybrid HD security cameras with your existing FLIR DVR.

    The great thing about our hybrid security cameras is that in addition to supporting the standard analog 960H CCTV format that works with your existing DVR, they also support three of the most popular 1080p HD surveillance formats.

    The changeable video mode means that you can later upgrade to a high definition DVR and your cameras will still work (in 1080p HD resolution). You simply switch the video mode from analog (CVBS) to 1080p AHD or 1080p HD-TVI mode using the small joystick that is attached to the video cable of the camera.

    HD Security Camera Video Mode

    Here is a picture of the small joystick that is attached to our hybrid BNC cameras. It allows you to select the video mode by holding the joystick in one of the 4 directions for 5 seconds.

    Here are a few of our best selling hybrid dome cameras.
    180 Degree Dome Camera
    This is a 180 degree dome camera with infrared. It supports analog CCTV and 1080p HD resolution.

    Turret Style Dome Camera
    This is a 90 degree dome surveillance camera with IR night vision. It also supports analog CCTV and 1080p HD video.

    Both of these are turret style dome cameras that can be installed to a ceiling or wall. They are both weatherproof for indoor / outdoor installation.

    AHD Hybrid DVR

    I highly recommend these iDVR-PRO AHD hybrid DVRs when you are ready to upgrade your FLIR DVR.

    These iDVR-PRO DVRs will work with your existing cable and cameras.

    We have a 15% off coupon for FLIR customers. The coupon is good on any of our BNC cameras and DVRs. The coupon code is: 15FLIR

    If you have any questions, I can be reached at

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