Geovision 1480 sucking up bandwith like crazy?

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    Hi guys, first post here. I'm actually a complete noob with these security camera setups. I do computer repair for a guy that owns a gas station and he asked me if I could help him get his cameras back online, as his camera guy was out of town for 2 weeks.

    It was easy even being a noob and reading for a couple minutes. He said att just replaced his router so I figured I just needed to forward the ports and it worked fine.

    At this point, everything was working perfectly. He has his credit card machines and lotto(I think)wired to the router on the same connection and everything was working fine.

    He called me a few days later and said they had to give him another router/modem for some reason. I didn't even ask… I forwarded the ports again, tested, and took off.

    Got a call today and he said that his credit card machines and stuff wouldn't work with his server plugged into the router even right after I left. Got there and was checking with

    Without the webcam server running, I was getting about 16ms ping, 9mb down, and .5mb up. Turned on the webcam server and was getting about 870-900ms ping, 200k down, and didn't even work for upload speed lol. Needless to say, with that ping the credit card machines wouldn't work at all. They'd just lag out. This was 'without' him even actually connecting to the server remotely via his iphone or home desktop. I did test maybe once or twice and got a good connection but then I'd test again right after and it would lag really bad. I also tried it with and without the bandwith control server and stopped all the services other than the webcam server to no avail.

    I believe he has around 6-7 cameras(max)and no changes have been made to quality settings. Was also working fine with the other router so I tried to tell him it was probably the router itself. What do you guys think? Should I try the lowest quality settings? Should it be sucking up that much bandwith just on its own without anyone even watching the camera remotely?

    Sorry for all the questions and the novel here. I'm seriously just a noob and trying to give you as much detail as possible. Have no clue what would help really and what wouldn't. Thanks for reading all this and helping me out.

    Best regards,


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