Geovision 8.4 Software and Driver Update Instructions

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    Mike Haldas

    The following instructions can be used to upgrade a PC based Geovision DVR to the latest software and driver versions:

    1. First confirm with a GeoVision representative that the card is compatible with the 8.4 software. You can do so by chatting with a representative here or call the reseller the card was purchased through. They should be able to confirm your DVR card is compatible with the 8.4 software.

  • Uninstall the 8.2 software. You can do so by clicking Start > All Programs > GVxxx (Geovision Folder > Uninstall GeoVision Multicam System.
  • You can download the software here
  • Once you are done downloading the GeoVision Software extract the files. You do this by simply right clicking on the folder and you will see adoption to extract files.
  • Once the Files are extracted open the folder and locate the Driver folder. You will see a exe file named DrvInst
  • double click this icon and press the install button.

  • Once the drivers are installed locate and double click the SETUP exe icon
  • Now it will prompt you to select the DVR card series. Select the card series you need to install the software for and press next.
  • Next select video format. If you are in the US you will select "NTSC"
  • Now select the video resolution and press next. 1024 x 768 recommended.
  • If you would like the GeoVision to run on startup please check to select the Add to the Startup function
  • If you are using an IR remote control with the GeoVision Server you will need To select Install the IR Remote Control. If not proceed by pressing next.
  • Choose your destination (Default is fine)
  • Choose your program file (Default is fine)
Mike Haldas

Here is a link to a PDF file that contains the Geovision software upgrade instructions:

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