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    Mike Haldas

    A customer contacted us recently looking for a surveillance system that supported remote Internet viewing through through a computer as well as a Blackberry. Although NUUO is scheduled to support Blackberry access in October of 2009, as of right now, Geovision is the best choice. Customer's can buy Geovision DVR cards if they want to build their own system:

    or CCTV Camera Pros build complete Geovision surveillance camera systems:

    Below are the setup instructions for the Blackberry remote camera access using Geovision.

    Geovision Blackberry Access Setup

    The Geovision software CD included with Geovision DVR cards and Geovision IP camera software includes a program on it called BBView. BBview is the blackberry application that needs to be installed. To install BBview, please follow these steps:

    1. Unzip
    2. Browse BBView folder which you have just unzipped, double-click and run Setup
    3. Proceed in each step. Select installation path and select Next to continue
    4. Proceed until installation has finished
    5. Connect your BlackBerry via USB to your computer and launch BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    6. In the menu, select Application Loader, which will display all the applications currently loaded on your Blackberry
    7. Locate Add button above the applications, click on the button to bring up add application dialog box
    8. Navigate to the folder as selected in Step 4. By default, the path is C:program filesgeovisionbbview. Locate the file in the folder with .alx extension
    9. Choose OK and this application will appear in the list along with the other software installed previously


    10. Once all desired applications have been introduced into the application loader, verify that each of the application has a check mark next to them.
    11. Click Next which appears below the list of applications
    12. BlackBerry Desktop Manager will perform synchronization and your BlackBerry may restart

      Upon rebooting, GeoVision BBView should appear on the applications screen of your device

    Connecting the Blackberry to GeoVision DVR

    To connect your BlackBerry phone to GV-DVR, follow these steps:

    1. To activate TCP/IP connection on your BlackBerry, check with your phone service provider for the correct APN (Access Point Name) and configure the APN on your phone. (e.g. go to Options and TCP)

      For example, T-mobile APN is No username/password is neede

    2. To connect to GV-DVR, select BBView application installed on your device (normally on Blackberry desktop)
    3. Select Create Live Connection. In the login screen, enter the IP address, port number, username and password used by GV-DVR.

      The default port number is 8866. Select Connect to initiate connection


    Hi Mike, I can't to connect from an BlackBerry, this seems impossible! the phone is Blackberry Bold 9700, I installed GV-Remote View V1.2 for BlackBerry OS 5.0 to 6.0, but the application show me an error message as: error IOException.

    I think that it's an programming error, what do you think?

    I have Geovision System 8.4, I am not see any BBview software for the computer on this version, I only see BBview for the phone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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