Geovision GV-BL1300 auto-iris problems

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    We are having lots of problems (resulting in lots of unbillable return trips to customer sites) with the auto-iris feature on GeoVision GV-BL1300 bullet cameras. The firmware version is 2.03. I just downloaded the newest 2.07 firmware to update the cameras although the problem we are having wasn't specifically addressed in any of Geo's release notes. The problem is this:

    On virtually every BL1300 we install that faces east, the camera does not switch from night mode when the sun rises and, since the iris doesn't "clamp down" (speaking in my dinosaur mechanical iris language), the image blows out to nuclear white and the camera has to be power-cycled to restore normal image processing. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, was there a fix available?



    Mike Haldas


    I asked Geovision technical support to comment on this and here is what they recommended:

    1. Turn off the WDR by accessing Video Adjustment through the Live View screen on the web interface of that IP camera.

    2. Check the D/N sensitivity of the IP camera under Video Settings, Stream 1. If it is not sensitive enough, please make it higher than 5.




    Thanks, Mike. I had also contacted Geovision Technical Support by email and posted here after receiving no response for several days. When I did finally get a reply, it was the standard "update your firmware to the latest version". Your suggestion sounds much more logical and reasonable. So, again, thanks. I'll give that a try…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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