Geovision GV-NVR Software vs GV-Recording Server Software

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    Mike Haldas

    A large customer of CCTV Camera Pros is planning a large surveillance system consisting of 64 IP cameras. The customer will be using Geovision and had questions in regards to the analytics built into the GV-Recording server. They were unsure of the GV-NVR or GV-Recording Server software would be better for their requirements which included using analytic features such a object detection and missing object. Here is some information that we obtained from Geovision.

    Are the same analytics built into the GV-Recording server as the GV-System or does he have to run an instance of the GV-System also?

    The current version of GeoVision Recording server can only support motion detection with GeoVision IP cameras.

    No other video analytic feature is available on GV Recording server at the moment.

    If the customer needs to run GV-System (NVR) for more advanced analytics, would this run on a separate physical hardware from the GV-Recording server?

    Yes, a separate physical hardware is required to run GV-NVR.

    Please explain in detail how to record 64 IP cameras. Maybe he is better off with (2) 32 channel instances of the GV-system? What is recommended?

    This is actaully a choice for the customer. TheGV Recording Server is not a successor for GV-NVR to totally replace GV-NVR, instead, they are suppose to complement each other.

    If you do not need video analytic features on all 64 cameras, you have the following options.

    1. Two GV-NVR PCs : The main advantage is the free software and ability to have all video analytics on all features.
    2. One Recording Server with one NVR : You can record all the IP cameras on GV-Recording server, distrubite the video streaming from GV-Recoridng server to GV-NVR for video analytics.

      In this way, you can take the advantage of both GV recording server and GV NVR. For example, central management for IP cameras, run GV Recording server as a windows service, network bandwidth monitor and etc.

      You can also do recording on GV-NVR, so you will have a copy of the video as a backup in GV-NVR.

    It really depends on how you plan to implment the system and the required features.

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