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    Mike Haldas


    GeoVision has released a new version 8.5 of GV-DVR/NVR and CMS. This new version 8.5 also supports Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit as in previous versions. The GV-NVR version 8.5 supports Intel Sandy Bridge GPU and enhances HD video decoding, along with the new features as below.

    The fisheye object tracking function enables blind-spot-free tracking to get a closer view of moving objects.

    The wide angle lens de-warping function provides non-distortion video for normal wide angle lenses, and thus saves the cost from adopting expansive non-distortion wide angle lens.

    The face mosaic function blurs the faces when a video is played back for privacy concern.

    The intrusion function is added with depth setting so that any object in different distance can be identified accordingly.

    The newly-added option of ignore-environment-change is used to decrease environmental motion alarms such as rain, snow, waves, or the moving leaves in the trees.

    With its multi-screen function, the version 8.5 CMS application can support up to 16 monitors which enable video wall solutions for control rooms displays.

    GeoVision has also released a PCI-E interfaced video capture card GV-900A. The GV-900A is the first GeoVision video capture card that supports a maximum of 32 channels video recording in a single card. It features a total of 240fps at D1 resolution when running on 8 video channels.

    Another eye-catching NVR solution from GeoVision is the GV-Recording Server for 128 channels of IP video recording. The GV-Recording Server, which supports ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP protocols, is designed for large-scale installations or multi-site deployments.

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    Thanks James

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