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    Hello, I am in search of information on connecting my new Geovision GV-IO 16E Box (with ethernet connectivity option." I have the instruction manual that came with it and also the geovision pdf file. I finally got my network which consist of two netgear routers to see the factory gv-io box network address of under "my attached devices" The next step of typing in the web brouser brought me to the network config page (built into the gv-io box). I could see all the factory ip address in the boxes already filled out. I then tried to see in my geovision dvr if I had i/o control, but it didn't seem to work. So further in the instruction they talked about entering the static Ip address (which I have) into the network config page. I changed the factory settings to match my static ip, sub net mask, default gatewaty, etc, and they hit submit. Now, with those changes, entering the or the new static ip will not bring me into the gv-I/O network config page anymore. There doesn't seem to be any reset button on the device to restore default settings. I wish there was then I could at least get back into the network config page and see what i may have done wrong. Does anybody now how to accomplish this?

    If so, I would really appreciate any tips. I don't want to have to buy another $180.00 GV-I/o 16E device. Also The Gvnetmodule utility used to show the device connected, but with the network config page changes it can't find the device either.

    My system consist of a gv-1480 card, windows xp, Geovision 84-IOB16-10E Product #-or the Gv-i/o box 16E model #.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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