GV iview only woriking locally only on port 80

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    Hi guys new to the forum thing here, Im having problems with the GV iView i cant view the cameras remotely only locally but only if i port foward port 80. When i go to Server in my Geovison system settings in http and put 80 ,i can log in locally fine from the iphone app but when i try to remote view from my PC's it tells me it cant find the web-page. Then when i change to port 82 i can log in fine to the remote view on my PC but the app fails to connect.

    Does anyone have idea how this works and does someone have the Gv-iview working locally and remotely .If the show me there setting i would i appreciate it.

    This are my settings: Every port is forward,i think port 80 cant be forward.

    General:the following are checked

    Enable Remote Control

    Run ViewLog Server

    Run Bandwidth Control Server


    Run GeoHTTP Server(checked)

    HTTP 80

    Command Port 4550

    Data Port 5550


    Port 8866

    Rpb 5511

    Max Connections 20

    Max FPS 10


    Create JPG/GIF Files (checked)

    Mike Haldas


    Thank You for posting to the forum. Please note that you must forward ports 8866 and 5111 in addition to port 80 in order to use the Geovision GV-iView iPhone app. CCTV Camera Pros has successfully setup Geovision for iPhone access many times for both LAN and WAN (Internet) access using the following instructions:


    If you have not seen them already, please take a look. I hope this helps.



    Mike Haldas

    eu nao to conseguindo acessar ao vivo via gv-iview no iphone so consigo acessar na minha rede. Que procedimento eu sigo?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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