Help accessing DVR hooked up to computer running ICS to share 3g connection

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    Hi all, I'm really stuck with this one.

    I have 3G usb modem hooked up to a Windows laptop running ICS internet connection sharing.

    The laptop is connected via ethernet to a wifi router and my cctv dvr is connected to this router via ethernet cable as well.

    All works great as far as sharing the internet with other computers through the router goes but I can not seem to be able to access my dvr via the web interface so that I can see my cameras because ICS gives the lan port a static IP of in order to share the internet connection.

    The router by default has an ip of and the dvr has an ip of

    What do I need to do to access the dvr from the computer which is running ICS since it has an ip that's not on the same ip block as the router?

    Hope this makes sense 🙂



    In case this helps … in order to make the router work to share my 3g connection with my wifi router, I set the 1st DNS on the router settings to be the same as the ICS IP of my laptop which is


    anybody?? 🙁


    For anyone who might need help with this same type of setup the trick is to:

    1. Turn off DHCP on your wifi router

    2. Setup your new wireless network on your router and give it a wap password if you'd like.

    3. Plug the Lan port on your computer to a lan port on your router (not to the wan port on your router)

    4. In Windows select your 3g connection in the network hardware page, right click and turn on sharing to enable ICS (internet connection sharing).

    5. Enjoy your internet connection from any computer on your network.

    6. Access the cctv dvr connected to your main computer by giving it an IP address in the same range as your ics network which should be or and give the dvr an IP such as or depending on your computers ics ip.

    Hope this helps someone since nobody helped me and it sucked 🙂

    Mike Haldas


    Thank You for posting the solution. Sorry no one responded before you figured it out yourself.


    hello!! this is understood but how do I access the dvr from external public internet? I mean how can i forward my dvr port 8080 to one internal ip wired to the router? where in the ics is this setup? thanks


    Hola !

    Tengo que usar a la fuerza ICS para compartir WIFI desde mi cablemodem, entonces en un desktop con dos nics entra el cablemodem y el primer nic se comparte recibiendo el segundo la ip A este segundo adapter le coloco el router apagando DHCP SERVER y poniendolo accesible en una ip como Entonces las pc via wifi pueden navegar y el desktop tambien.

    LA PREGUNTA DEL MILLON ES si yo conecto mi DVR al router, como puedo verlo desde afuera, es decir como logro entrar desde un cyber a mi casa para ver el dvr, que esta colgando del router que a su vez cuelga del 2do nic compartido a traves de ics por el primero que esta conectado al cablemodem???

    todo esto pq el proveedor no deja poner un router wifi y lo bloquea cada 12 hs con los dns o cambios de ip!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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