Help!! Dawoo CCD Camera Model: UCC-940

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    Hi I need help with one of the older camera models (1995). I cannot remember how to plug them in correctly (its been a few years – but I've kept them safe, so I know they work).


    Dawoo CCD Camera Model: UCC-940

    Serial No: 510kma1763

    And the monitor model number is…

    Model: DW-1200

    Now I have two camera's, and the one monitor and one standard VCR that I used to use to record the camera footage with.

    I've got the VCR plugged in so I can actually see a tape on the screen of the monitor, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the camera's.

    The cameras both have only two plug ports on the back labeled "Monitor" and "AUX" and there are 4 "CAM" ports, two white, and two red ports (for the VCR), one odd looking "VIDEO OUT" port and I think that's it.

    The front of the monitor has buttons "Cam 1" through "CAM 4", "AUTO" "TALK" "POWER" and "ALARM".

    I do not see an on switch for the cameras and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please help me! I know it has to be something simple. It could be something like holding down one of the monitor buttons for a certain amount of time, or pressing them a certain amount of time without the book I have no idea…

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