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    Hello, im setting up 4 700tvl analog cameras for security around my business. im using cat5e cable and all are short runs. My question is simple for the experts. I want to view all 4 cameras at the same time on my pc monitor , guess this is called multiview. Operating system will be windows xp.These cameras will not be used online nor do i need that capability. I need a simple cheap dvr card and simple software that will also let me record what the 4 cameras are seeing. What i dont want is to buy a dvr card that has limitations as to what camera and what processor/motherboard will work. I realize i cannot use and old pentium one processor but surely a 2.0ghz intel P4 processor can handle this type of job.

    Please tell me what dvr card and software most suits my requirements.

    thank you for help with my first post.

    Mike Haldas

    Hello Kentuckynet,

    Thank you for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. Here is a link to our GeoVision DVR cards — click here. GeoVision carries many different options, the only differences between the listed cards is the amount of cameras that can be plugged in, audio channels and frame rate.

    Each DVR card has a spec sheet listed on its corresponding page that lists the minimum PC requirements.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks James

    Mike Haldas

    Also here is a link to the PC spec / components that GeoVision has tested with their DVR cards —

    You will just need to make sure that you use an intel Motherboard (no AMD)

    Thanks James

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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