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    Mike Haldas

    Looking for HD BNC security cameras that are compatible with Honeywell HQA Hybrid 4MP DVRs?

    A customer recently contacted me that was looking for a 180 degree camera that was compatible with Honeywell hybrid DVRs. He specifically had the HRHT4164 model. Honeywell makes DVRs similar to our iDVR-PRO hybrid DVRs that work with older analog CCTV cameras as well as newer HD over Coax security cameras.

    These are the model numbers of the Honeywell HQA hybrid series DVRs.
    HRHT4041, HRHT4042, HRHT4082, HRHT4084, HRHT4162, HRHT4164, HRHT4166, HRHT41612

    According to the Honeywell HQA DVR specification, these DVRs work with AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI format cameras up to 4MP resolution.

    180 Degree Dome Security Camera

    This 180 degree dome camera, as well as all of the 180 security cameras on this page will work with the Honeywell HQA hybrid DVRs.

    In addition to those 180 cameras, all of these HD-over-Coax BNC cameras up to 4MP resolution will also work.

    If you are reading this post and need any additional help determining which security cameras are compatible with your surveillance DVR, please feel free to email me at

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