Honeywell PTZ IP Cameras Acuix Reboot problems

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    We have installed 4 Ip ptz Cameras Honeywell Acuix type.

    One time in 3 days they are doing reboot (restarting by them self)

    Reboot is not in the same time for both cameras but in different times.

    During the day or during the night.

    And also not in the same day.

    We was using Cat6 FTP cable and Cisco Switches for conected in network .

    We changed from Cat6 to Optical Fiber Cable.

    We have install the original Power Supply from Honeywell but we have the same problems.

    Is interesting fact tha any time that we change something to cameras they are staying also 10 days with out reboot.


    1- We change Cat 6 FTp cable to FO cable – Cameras stay 10 days with out Reboot

    After they start again one time in 3 day

    2- We install an UPS 700VA near to Cameras ( all cameras are supply by UPS lines) and we have near to 16 days with out restart

    3- We have some additional grounding for Cameras ( Faraday Cage) and the cameras stay 10 days with our reboot and after they start again one in 3 days.

    Can any body help in this issue? Is anybody having this problems with Acuix PTZ Cameras ?

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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