Hooking up components to surveilance system

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    I am an electrical contractor and have a customer who already has the components for a security surveilance system. He has asked me to see if I could figure out how to hook it up. The components are: (1) RSM-700 video alarm expander, (1) RSM-1600 Master Transceiver, (1) "Pelco VS5104 Video switcher, (1) Radio Shack RF Modulator, (1) Toshiba 4 head 168 hr. Time Lapse VCR recorder,(1) Everplex 8CDX Color Video Processor, 4 cameras. He said it came from a video store. Could someone help me figure out how to put this all together?

    I've figured out that the RSM-700 plugs into the RSM-1600 transceiver and that the cameras (can) hook into the back of the RSM-700 expander and the telepone lines hook into the back of the RSM-1600 Master Transceiver, but I'm really confused on all of it right now. This is the first I've tried to hook up so I need some help. Thanks for all the information you can give me…Also I have a plug in

    12 vdc adapter that I don't know where it goes. Thanks again for your help. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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