How many simultaneous remote viewers can Geovisions System support?

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    Mike Haldas

    How many simultaneous viewers can Geovisions System support using Internet Explorer web browser viewing?

    For Geovision systems, the number of remote views is based upon the number of camera channels being viewed.

    The GeoVision DVR will allow up to 200 connections. Each camera being viewed is a single connection. (eg if 1 user is connecting to 4 cameras, than this will count as 4 connections.) You can create up to 1000 users all with custom privileges. To help the connection situation you can create certain users and only allow them to view a specified camera/s.

    For example, if User A only needs to see Camera # 3, than you can create a user account for User A that will only allow him to see camera 3 this way that user would not max out your connections. NOTE: When accessing via mobile phones / tablets the GeoVision PC based DVRs will max out at 20 connections.

    NOTE: Audio is not supported on Mobile devices. Audio only works using the windows client software or Internet Explorer web browser (Safari, Chrome , Mozilla audio not supported)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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