How to back up HD to XP PC from DVR

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    I have a DVR which I think runs on Linux.

    It works fine to local LAN and to Remote Browser and my mobile iPhone and iPad.

    Trouble is, I want to back up the 1TB Hard Drive and there is nothing in the manual about this.

    There is a USB port for a flash drive usb but I have 1TB so not big enough by far.

    The DVR connected to a switch hub which is connected to a Router and ADSL out to web. It is ported correctly as all remote works fine.

    My PC is also connected to the same switch but I cannot see the DVR in my Explorer Network and I guess because it is Linux not PC. I see other Win on the LAN.

    How can I get around this please?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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