How-to connect a 1080p HD security camera to a TV

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    Mike Haldas

    Question: I currently have an analog CCTV camera connected directly to the composite video input on an LED TV. I am using RG59 coax cable to run the video from the camera to the TV. I want to upgrade to a 1080p HD security camera. Can I use the same RG59 coax cable and composite video input on my TV to connect a HD-TVI or 1080p AHD security camera?

    A customer recently contacted me with the above question. Here is the information that I provided to them.

    Although you can use the RG59 coax cable to run AHD and HD-TVI video signals, you can not connect AHD or HD-TVI cameras to the composite video input on an LED TV. This is because these cameras do not transmit an analog video signal (which is standard definition). They both transmit HD video.

    You can use the HDMI video input on your TV by converting the AHD video signal from a 1080p AHD camera to HDMI.

    Here is how it works.

    AHD to HDMI Video Converter

    In the above image, use of the DVR is optional. If you only want to display a live video signal on a TV or HDMI monitor, you can remove the DVR from the system.

    RG59 Siamese coax cable can be used to run video and power to / from your camera back to the TV location. The RG59 coax cable connects to the video input of the AHD to HDMI converter. Then an HDMI cable connects the converter to your TV / monitor.

    To display live HD video from the camera, switch the TV’s input to that HDMI port.

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