How-to connect a Qsee 720p Security Camera to a TV Monitor

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    Mike Haldas

    I read your article on how to connect a cctv camera to a TV. I was successful in wiring the camera correctly (I think), however I only get a black and white video image. I connected the camera to the component video input of the TV.

    I also tried connecting the BNC output of the camera to the RCA jack of the TV and get nothing. I am using RG59 coax cable for the connection.

    Why does this not work?

    This is a question that I received from a customer a few days ago. This was the advice that I gave to him.

    Qsee 720p cameras can not be connected directly to the RCA input as you have already figured out. This is because the video signal of QSee 720p cameras is not an analog video signal. Qsee is using one of the HD-over-Coax standards for these cameras. HD-over-Coax security cameras need to be converted to an HDMI signal in order to connect to a TV. We need to help you find out which video standard your particular cameras uses so we know which of these HDMI converters to recommend to you.

    If your Qsee camera is one that uses AHD, HD-TVI, or HDCVI video, then you can use this converter.

    If your Qsee camera uses HD-SDI video, then you can use this converter.

    Security Camera to HDMI Converter Setup

    This diagram shows how the converter is connected between your security camera and TV monitor.
    HD Security Camera to HDMI Monitor

    Please note that the use of the surveillance DVR is optional. Also please note that the connection is the same with any of the above mentioned video standards even though the diagram mentioned HD-TVI cameras.

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