How to Connect a ZAVIO IP Camera Directly to your PC

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    Mike Haldas

    1. Connect the Straight-through Ethernet Cable directly to your Computers Ethernet Port and the into your ZAVIO IP camera LAN input.


    2. Setup your PC with a Static IP Information. Start > Setting > Network Connections > Local Area Connection and right click the mouse > Property


    3. Assign your PC's IP with 192.168.1.X , Subnet Mask and Default Gateway


    4. Plug the 5 VDC adapters from box. After plugging it, you will see the IR-LED on and IR-LED off.


    5. After the LED's turn off, you will see two blue Power/ Ethernet LED's. Right is Power LED and Left is Ethernet LED. Status: On and Flash.


    6. After 1 minute, the IPCamera will complete the booting process. Find the Reset button which is near the Speaker hole.


    7. Find something like needle to press the reset button for ten seconds and release the needle from reset button. The IPCamera will reboot, and you will see the IR-LED on and IR-LED off. Again.


    8. Now Use the Intelligent IP Installer to search again. The camera should appear.


    9. Click and highlight the camera. Now select the Link to IE button toi connect to the camera. [By Default the Username and password are admin]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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