How-to Connect Defender HD Security Cameras to HDMI TV Input

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    Mike Haldas

    This is how you can connect Defender HD security camera to an HDMI input of a TV or capture card.

    The latest defender HD security cameras use AHD video format (analog high definition). If you want to connect a Defender camera to a TV or video capture card via HDMI, you can use this AHD to HDMI converter.

    You can also use the BNC output of the AHD-CV7 converter to send the video signal to a Defender DVR or any other AHD compatible DVR.

    HD Security Camera to HDMI TV

    The above diagram shows how this is done using an iDVR-PRO DVR from CCTV Camera Pros. The same installation can be applied to Defender DVRs and HD security cameras.

    I recently had a customer that wanted to connect his Defender camera to an HDMI capture card that installed in a PC. This AHD-CV7 works for this application as well.

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