How-to Display 4 CCTV Cameras on 1 Monitor (quad split screen)

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    Mike Haldas

    A security installer recently contacted me with the following questions related to displaying live video from 4 CCTV cameras on a single TV monitor.

    Question from customer
    Hello, I am searching for a CCTV monitor for my customer that he can use with his existing analog CCTV cameras and split to two or 4 screens. This is a mill application needs to be a more rugged duty monitor with BNC video input. Does the software provide the split screen? He has the security cameras and coax cable already in place but wants to hook them up so he can view all of them on one screen.

    Here is what I suggested.
    You can use this quad video splitter to setup 1 to 4 cameras on a single monitor. It handles many different display modes that can be controlled using the wireless remote that is included.

    Please refer to the below installation diagram.
    View 4 CCTV cameras on one monitor

    It will work with any analog CCTV camera and you can use any of these BNC monitors which will take its direct input using a coax cable and BNC connectors.

    If you need a cable to run between the monitor and quad, you can use these.

    Those monitors are not “rugged”, but they are sturdy.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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