How to Embed CCTV Camera Video on Web Page with Video Server

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    Mike Haldas

    This post describes how to embed video from a CCTV camera on a web page using a network video server.

    CCTV Camera Pros received the following question from a customer:

    Thank you for being there to provide guidance on this. We live on an airpark and recently ran cables out to the windsock tower for mounting CCTV cameras to view take offs and landings. We have commercial Bosch color cameras with a choice of lenses ranging from wide-angle to 70mm; and each has an environmental enclosure with an automatic cooling fan and heaters (not that we need heat much here in north Florida).

    So we currently have 3 video signals (standard NTSC 1.1v p-p) that we would somehow like to link to a web site so that people (both on and off the airpark) could view the airplane activity.

    Our adjacent home does already have a 16 channel DVR from Q-see that has all sixteen channels used for security cameras in an around our home and hangar. We can currently view those 16 cameras from anywhere in the world; but we would rather not make those 16 channels viewable by the public. I suppose we could cut out one or two of those views and replace them with one or two feeds from the new cameras on the windsock tower that view the runway. However we’d like to avoid mixing the private home security cameras with what we’d like to be publically viewable images from the runway.

    Any help you can provide in getting us over this “knowledge gap” and making these viewable on a web site would be very greatly appreciated.

    Here is the recommendation that I gave to the customer.

    Thank you for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. You can use one of a Zavio V1100 network video servers for each of the CCTV cameras that you want to stream to the website.

    Network Video Server

    You can find this product on our website here:

    Those video servers have a BNC video input and a BNC video loop output. That makes it so you can take your existing coaxial cable (probably RG6 or RG59 with BNC) and disconnect it from the input of your DVR so that you can connect it instead to the video input of the network server. Then use the BNC loop output to go to your DVR. This makes it so that the network video server and DVR can share the signal from your CCTV camera.

    The video server gets connected to a network router. This can be a separate network and router from your existing DVR if you like.

    Once the video server is configured to be accessed remotely over the Internet (which we can help setup as we give free support on our products for life), you can access that camera video feed from remotely over the Internet and also embed the video into a web page.

    Here are instructions on how to embed video from a CCTV camera into a webpage using the video server:

    Please note that Zavio servers allow for 4 simultaneous remote viewers at a time. If you have a high traffic website, you should look into a commercial streaming service like uStream or LiveStream.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions and if you need me to supply a quote for the equipment.

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    • This topic was modified 9 years, 10 months ago by Mike Haldas.
    • This topic was modified 9 years, 10 months ago by Mike Haldas.
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