How to fix bad color problem on outdoor CCTV camera

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    Mike Haldas

    Here are two techniques for fixing a CCTV security camera with bad color problems. We documented this based on a support case from a customer using a AHD-BL5H 1080p HD CCTV camera, however, these troubleshooting techniques can be used for analog CCTV cameras and other HD security camera types that are haviong color issues based on improper ATW settings and camera angled into the sky.

    What is ATW? : Auto Tracking White Balance ensures that white objects in your video appear white, in addition it ensures that colors look natural and similar to the colors you see with your own eyes while shooting the scene. It normally works by assuming that the brightest parts of the scene are white objects and will try to correct these objects so that they appear white. As a result ATW is often easily fooled especially by bright objects. This is why the color of your images appear as they do.

    Here are the recommendations our support team had to resolve this bad color issue.

    1. Re-position the camera down a bit so it is not seeing the sky in the image. The sunlight can cause the camera color to be distorted. If you point the camera down a bit and slide the sun shield forward to block the sky light as best as possible, this should in fix the issue.

    I have highlighted the areas we should try to cut out below.

    HD CCTV Camera Bad Color Adjustment

    2. In addition, you can try setting the White Balance setting in the camera’s OSD to “OUTDOOR” instead of”ATW” mode. Keep in mind that the colors will look a bit more dull in the outdoor mode and not as sharp as when using ATW.

    Please see below instructions to set the OUTDOOR setting on the AHD-BL5H.

    On the back of the camera there is a button that will initiate an On Screen Display Menu that appears on the video overlay of the camera. Reference image below.

    HD CCTV Camera OSD Menu access

    Once you initiate that menu there is an option that reads “White Bal” we want to change ATW to read Outdoor.

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