How-to Live Stream an HD Security Camera to a TV

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    Mike Haldas

    I am trying to determine what equipment I would need for a rather unique application.

    Is there a low-cost way to stream a “live” video image from a security camera to a tv monitor? No sound or video recording is necessary.

    FYI – The purpose of the configuration would be to assist someone in learning how to cut their own hair. That is, place the camera behind the person’s head, feed the live signal to a monitor and allow the person to “see” how well they are cutting the back of their own hair. Strange, I know, but easier than using mirrors for someone who is near-sighted and who cannot wear glasses while having their hair cut.

    Hi-def video would be preferable, but not absolutely essential.

    Any suggestions?

    This is CCTV Camera Pros recommendation.

    Yes, there is a simple way to do this with a 1080p HD security camera and a BNC to HDMI converter. Please take a look at this product.

    That AHD to HDMI converter can be used with any of these cameras.

    You can use one of these cables coax cables to connect the AHD camera to the converter.

    Then, you simply connect the output of the HDMI converter to the HDMI input of your TV.

    If high-def resolution is not a must, a cheaper alternative is to use standard definition analog CCTV cameras. You do not need a video converter if you have a TV with a composite RCA video input. Please take a look at this article.

    How-to connect a security camera to a TV

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