How to run video from 4 analog CCTV cameras using CAT-5 cable

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer asked the following questions regarding how to run video from 4 analog CCTV cameras using CAT-5 cable.

    I am installing an 8 camera surveillance system in my house using CCTV cameras and a DVR. Is there a way I could run 4 cameras from the front of the house to the DVR using a 4 port balun / hub and a single CAT-5 cable?

    4 Port CCTV Video Balun for CAT-5

    Yes, you can use a 4 port balun to run the video from 4 cameras using a single CAT5 cable. Here is a link to the 4 port video baluns that will do that.

    Do you sell anything that would allow power and video to be transmitted using minimal number of cables to the DVR? I have seen 4 port baluns but they only transmit video. That means I will have to find a power source close to the camera. Is there an alternative? Or do I have to get 8 single baluns that transmit power and video? Which means running 8 cables.

    Unfortunately, the BALUN-4PHUB will only transmit video because it uses all of the twisted pairs of the cat-5 for video. If you need to run power and video, you have to use a single port video balun that also transmits power. At least one of the other twisted pairs must be used to transmit the power. Typically two pairs are used for power. Here is a link to a video and power balun.

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