How to upgrade 3rd Party Geovision NVR Software License Dongle

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    Mike Haldas

    Geovision 3rd party NVR / IP software licenses are distributed using USB dongles that plug into the USB port on Geovision PC based DVR / NVRs. When a user wants to upgrade the number of 3rd party geovision software licenses on their surveillance recorder, sometimes it is not so convenient to add additional USB dongles. As an alternative to purchasing and installing additional USB dongles on the PC, users can upgrade their existing dongle through Geovision distributors like CCTV Camera Pros. Below are the instructions on how to export the data from your existing dongle as well as import the upgraded license after CCTV Camera Pros sends it to you.

    Export Existing GV-NVR Dongle Info

    1. Each dongle has its own serial number. Find it on the side o the dongle. Later this serial number will be used in naming the files for upgrading.


    2. Insert the dongle to the computer
    3. On your Geovision DVR, Locate the main Geovision folder where your GV-System in installed. In the GV folder, double-click GVUsKeyUpClient.exe. This dialog box appears.


    4. To retrieve the data from the dongle, click Select All. The information of the dongle is displayed in the information field. Note the displayed number of "HW Serial" should be the same as that on the dongle.

      To save the data to your local computer, click Save Key ID Data. If you habe more than one dongle to upgrade, click Bath Save. Different dongle data will be saved as separate files. The file will be named after the serial number on the dongle and saved as *.out. For example, if a dongle serial number 7116442, the file is named "NVR-7116442.out".

    Update your USB Dongle with Additional Licenses

    1. After you receive the updated file from CCTV Camera Pros, insert the correct dongle matching the .in file you receive, and then run GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe.
    2. Click Select All to read the dongle, click Upgrade and then open the updated file to upgrade the dongle. You can also select more than one dongle in the list and click Batch Upgrade to upgrade them at the same time. Make sure these dongles match the updated files you receive.

    CCTV Camera Pros is a authorized factory distributor for Geovision. If you need assistance with upgrading your Geovision software license or anything else related to video surveillance, please contact us.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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