How-to Upgrade a QSEE Security Camera DVR from Costco

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    Mike Haldas

    Here is a recommendation that CCTV Camera Pros recently provided to a customer that wanted to upgrade a QSEE security camera DVR purchased from Costco.

    The customer contacted me with the following email.

    I have a QSee security camera system model QT5716 that I bought at Costco some time back. I think the DVR is failing and have never been happy with the user interface. The cameras that were included with the system are ok for my purposes and would be difficult to change out. So, I would like to be able to buy a new DVR that would be compatible with the existing QSEE cameras. I would like to avoid an other Q-See DVR. Any suggestions?

    Here is a video that I made in regards to replacement QSEE DVRs.

    What DVR is compatible with Swann cameras?

    This is the recommendation that I made to the customer.

    The QSEE QT5716 is an analog CCTV DVR. Our hybrid Viewtron security camera DVRs work with analog CCTV cameras, as well as HD over coax security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI). They work with 1mp / 720p, 2mp / 1080p, 3mp, 4mp 5mp, and 8mp /4K resolution cameras. This makes them a great replacement for QSEE analog DVRs and QSEE HD BNC DVRs.

    bnc security camera DVRs

    Your existing cameras will work on all BNC channels of the DVR, but you can also switch to HD cameras when you are ready (on any and all channels). All of the BNC inputs of the DVR support both analog cameras and HD-over-Coax cameras.

    Here is a link to our best selling HD-over-Coax cameras for future reference (when you are ready to upgrade cameras).

    You can find additional HD BNC cameras here.

    Here is a video of the user interface of the DVR. It is very easy to use.

    Replacement QSEE Cameras & DVRs

    You can find compatible replacement cameras and DVRs on this page.

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