How to use CAT5 cable to wire analog CCTV cameras to DVR

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    Mike Haldas

    A customer recently contacted CCTV Camera Pros with the following questions related to useing CAT5 cable with analog CCTV cameras.

    I could use some guidance and supplies to get a three camera surveillance system setup at my house. I have an analog CCTV DVR and the contractor ran Cat5E 24 AWG wire from each camera to the DVR in the mechanical room. So what i need to know is what i can do to get it hooked up on the DVR end (cameras are already hooked up). The Video In for the Cameras are Male BNC, not a hundread percent sure if power is to the cameras already or not, but I would assum that they might need to receive power down the Cat5E wire as well. I will also need an end for Internet for the Cat5 they ran for network connection.

    CCTV Camera Pros response:

    Thank You for contacting CCTV Camera Pros. You can use CAT5 cable to run analog video for CCTV cameras using these video baluns:


    If you want to also run the power over 2 of the twisted pairs in the CAT5 cable, you can use these video and power baluns:


    Please let us know if you have additional questions about this or anything else.

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