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    Can I make my GV800 use https rather than http for remote viewing? This is required by a third party that I am associated with.

    Mike Haldas


    Sorry that this post was not replied to sooner. Yes, you can configure the Geovision webcam server to run https / SSL for secure remote connections by following these instructions:

    • From the main Geovision console, click on the network button and select Webcam Server
    • On the server setup screen, click on the Server tab
    • Check the Enable SSL checkbox
    • Use port 443 to access the webscam server through itnernet Explorer
    • To access remotely over the Internet, be sure to setup port forwarding on your reouter for port 443

    If you have not already configured your webcam server, you can find those instructions here: Geovision webcam server setup.

    We hope that this helps.


    The default certificate is not adequate to satisfy

    PCI (credit card processing compliance).

    Is there a way to replace the default MD5 class certificate

    with our own?

    We run dvr 8.3. If we need to upgrade in order to allow

    us to set up our own ssl certificate, what verion allows this?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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